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Hyper-analyzing the terrible, terrible songs that we love. From Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj to Billy Joel or one is safe.

New episodes every Monday morning!

Artists like: Billy Joel, Ariana Grande, Kiss, Iggy Azalea, Britney Spears, Alice Cooper, Heart, Pitbull, Steve Miller Band, Taylor Swift, one-hit wonders galore, actors gone rogue, anything and everything else

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    How Bizarre- OMC Decomposition

    This week we welcome back our friend Donald to help decompose the 1995 hit by OMC "How Bizarre>"

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    Joyride- Roxette Decomposition

    This week author and co-host of "BSP: The Idio[t]syncracy" Files Podcast, Cody Wagner, helps us decompose the 1991 hit "Joyride," by Roxette

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    99 Problems- Jay-Z Decomposition

    This week our good friend, Gbenga, joins us via Facetime to decompose Jay-Z's 2006 hit "99 Problems."

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    Decomposition: Got the Life- Korn

    This week we welcome comedian and host of the Verbal Shenanigans podcast, Scott Brennan, to help us decompost the 1998 hit by nu-metal band Korn "Got the Life."

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    Decomposition: Summer Girls- LFO

    This week we welcome friend, colleague, and municipal servant, Donald, to help us decompose LFO's 1999 hit song "Summer Girls."

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    Decomposition: I Want You- Savage Garden

    Today we discuss Savage Garden's perfect-for-the-90's hit "I Want You." Do you remember anything other than the line "chick-a-cherry-cola?" We don't...

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    Decomposition: Pressure- Billy Joel

    This week we re-welcome Teresa to rip into an artist that she loves, Billy Joel, and a song that she does not, Pressure. You will be amazed at the amount of songs by Billy Joel that Katie doesn't realize are by Billy Joel.

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    Drops of Jupiter- Train Decomposition

    This week we re-welcome Denis Ackermann (of Pop Flies and Grounders, available on iTunes)to hyper-analyze Train's pseudo-incestuous 2001 hit song "Drops of Jupiter." This song is LOADED with nonsense...utter, utter nonsense

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    Flavor of the Weak- American Hi-Fi Decomposition

    This week we are again joined by Josh to discuss one of the catchiest pieces of garbage from the early '00's, Flavour of the Weak. Wait till you hear about the pedigree on this band.

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    Joey Lawrence: Katie's Dark History

    This week we discuss Katie's first album purchase; Joey Lawrence by Joey Lawrence. What we discover MAY surprise you...unless you already like this album, then it wont. (spoilers)

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    Rude- Magic! Decomposition

    This week we are joined by teacher, music lover, and friend, Teresa to discuss the ubiquitous 2014 hit “Rude.” Does Magic!’s Canadian accent improve the rhyme scheme in this song? Who is the rude one in the story being told? What on Earth does it mean to be “boys at the altar?” Why is this god-damned song so catchy?

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    Abracadabra- Steve Miller Band Decomposition

    In the first full episode we break down the 1982 hit "Abracadabra" by the Steve Miller Band. Joined byfriend and fellow hyper-analyst, Josh, we try to figure out what on Earth Diana Ross did to inspire such lazy songwriting, as well as uncover a secret, dark, musical Illuminati, presumably called the Pompitants.

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