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Hyper-analyzing the terrible, terrible songs that we love. From Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj to Billy Joel or one is safe.

New episodes every Monday morning!

Artists like: Billy Joel, Ariana Grande, Kiss, Iggy Azalea, Britney Spears, Alice Cooper, Heart, Pitbull, Steve Miller Band, Taylor Swift, one-hit wonders galore, actors gone rogue, anything and everything else

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    How Bizarre- OMC Decomposition

    This week we welcome back our friend Donald to help decompose the 1995 hit by OMC "How Bizarre>"

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    Joyride- Roxette Decomposition

    This week author and co-host of "BSP: The Idio[t]syncracy" Files Podcast, Cody Wagner, helps us decompose the 1991 hit "Joyride," by Roxette

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